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Welcome to Eat My Words!

Eat My Words is a home cooking web blog which invites you into my dream kitchen to share my passion for food, family and entertaining.I have been inspired by so many people, places and books over the years; but mostly by my late mom, who was legendary in many ways, but left her greatest imprint on our lives in the kitchen. I hope to continue that legacy by sharing my ‘happiest place on earth’ with all of you…

Food has always been my passion, making people happy my greatest pleasure and the health of my family what I value most. I truly believe that teaching our kids at a young age about good food will instill in them an appreciation for quality and a greater awareness of their environment as well as the gift of enjoying simple pleasures.
Wherever possible I choose fresh, seasonal and sustainable foods prepared as simply as possible to bring out the very best flavors.  Occasionally , I love the challenge of a more complex dish which I hope will inspire you to look beyond your ability and cook with more love and less fear. The results will speak for themselves, I guarantee you, and making a meal will become less of a chore and more of a beautiful ritual.

The layout of this is more website than traditional blog. I don’t want to bore you with too many details of my life, although I will tell you until this idea was born, I had not spent much time behind a camera – my husband being the designated family photographer. He graciously ignored my pleas to take the photographs for this blog and instead handed me his camera and said” Push this button… ” So while I can attest to years of experience in the kitchen, photography is an entirely new journey for me. I hope you will join me in cooking , eating , laughing and learning ¬†and come away with even a little of the joy that my kitchen brings me.